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temperature application

the educational temperature kit designed, produced and supplied by golden group is a very important product that explains how does golden group thinks and work.
that unit is aimed to allow the engineer, operator and the technician to deal with all temperature parameters in one complete industrial unit. so, the engineer can apply the kit philosophy to burner control system, heating and cooling system, milk pasteurization and food industrial application.
so the kit contains:

sensing elements:
several elements for temperature measurements, it almost measures the temperature in several points by different types sensing elements such as thermocouples and rtds.
control elements:
the kit contains many types of control in order to show the on/off control mode, also contains pid control mode in order to indicate the difference between the different types of controller.

indication elements:
the kit contains simple indicator such as temperature gauge, digital display also the kit contains graphical recorder that accept signal from sensors and using software , the results can be programmed to be displayed as figures, bar graphs, curves, …… also the data can be stored and pc transferred.

heating elements:
the element that produce temperature rise up (heating and cooling element)
described by power produced in watt, power supply in voltage ac,dc, the shape and dimension of the element